Gary Winter Landscape Design

Down to earth gardens for life

Down to Earth

Choose a landscape designer who creates feel good spaces for happy faces. Nature is the star of the show in the gardens designed by Gary Winter. We’re not talking about pretentious places designed for display. Gary creates practical aesthetics that blend style and function; spaces where you can live, work and play.

Natural Landscaping

Gary will help you to map out a beautiful garden that’s healthy for you and the planet. His freeform style makes the most of the position and utilises natural and sustainable materials to create meaningful spaces. Revitalise your local landscape with native plants, recycled timbers and edible gardens.

All the seasons

Come back to the rhythms of nature. Gary Winter designs landscapes so you can enjoy colours, textures and harvests all year round. Gary will work with you to plan for social spaces, pet-friendly places and restful garden nooks. Grow your own food, minimise waste and experience landscapes with birdsong soundscape.

Gardens for Life

Gary creates landscapes for people to look at and be in. Because Gary listens to you, and respects nature and outdoor lifestyles, he can design a healthy garden to improve wellbeing and quality of life; grounded in your connection to people and place. These are gardens planned for life, not staged for pretty pictures.

Whether it’s for house and garden, community or commercial property, Gary Winter designs, plans and builds landscape projects right across Victoria including Melbourne, the Macedon Ranges and further afield. Get in touch for an initial consult.