202020 Vision

20% more urban green space by 2020

“Plants and trees cool our cities and they reduce pollution. They get us out and about and make us healthier, happier and more productive. Yet, too often, they are overlooked when plans are drawn, and concrete is poured. We have a plan to change that.” “Simply put, green space is good for business, good for people and good for the environment. There are benefits for almost every kind of organisation, from every kind of industry.”                                    
202020 Vision

20202 Vision is an initiative of Hort Innovation and began in 2013 using the levies paid by the nursery industry. It has since grown into Australia’s biggest network of green space experts, creators and supporters. Today, it includes more than 200 organisational partners, 1000 individual supporters and 29 strategic experts all working towards one common goal.

20202 Vision is an innovative collaboration between business, government, education and community so they can work together to create greener, healthier spaces in our urban areas by 2020. It provides collaborators them with the tools, resources and networks they need to reach their shared goal. Gary Winter Landscape Design is proud to be one of the 202020Vision collaborators creating environments that improve wellbeing and promote harmony and health.   

A roadmap for wellbeing.

The 202020 Vision is a roadmap and timeline of projects to scale, replicate, and coordinate to reach our ultimate goals involving:

  • HEALTH & WELLBEING: Enabling 83% of Australians to see green space as a place for relaxation and taking time out. 73% see their garden as a sanctuary for their mental wellbeing
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Ensuring plants and trees enrich work environments.It has been found that people who work in ‘green’ environments are 17% more productive than those in bare spaces without trees and plants.
  • COOLER CITIES: With rising global temperatures, this aim is an important for Australia. We know it’s cooler in the shade, but many do not know that shade is also valuable. Trees drop temperatures by up to 8˚C, reducing air-conditioner use and carbon-emissions by an estimated 12-15% per annum.

Gary Winter believes that through conscious design, we can achieve a more harmonious connection between the natural landscape and the built environment. Landscaping is an extension of his imagination and passion, and every landscape design he creates is an investment of time, commitment and joy. Gary’s attitude to life and work emphasizes the simple things in life, such as nature, wildlife, healthy food and environments, good people and positive experiences. This is reflected in the type of landscape designs he creates for his clients and his collaboration with the 202020 Vision.