About Gary

For over two decades Gary Winter ran a landscaping construction business in Melbourne’s affluent suburbs. The physically demanding work took its toll. One day he woke-up and realised that award-winning picture perfect gardens of the concrete jungle tend to lack soul.

So, Gary officially ditched modern contemporary, put the tools in the shed and planned for a treechange. This enabled him to tap into his own free-form and organic style. He now consults, plans and designs gardens for people or organisations who recognise the beauty in functional natural landscapes.

Gary remains an active industry member of Landscape Victoria. He believes that good garden design can make a difference. Gary Winter Landscape Design also supports a range of charities that make a difference in the world.

Gary is a people person and a problem solver who deftly balances big ideas with practical detail. That combination makes Gary Winter Landscape Design the perfect go to for your residential, community or commercial garden – from a small scale backyard to extensive acreage.

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