Animals Australia

Providing a voice for Australia’s Animals

Animals Australia is an advocacy organization, which operates companion animal and farm animal rescue groups. As a peak body, they represent around 40 other animal welfare groups each working in specific areas of animal care in Australia. Together these organization form a strong representation of companion animals on issues such as puppy farming and pet overpopulation.

 Animals Australia has been in operation for over 30 years and is the nation’s leading animal-protection agency. Their campaigns and investigations have received world-wide recognition. They unite millions of people around the world who believe that all animals should be free from cruelty. 

They have helped shape animal welfare standards in many different areas, improving the lives of millions of animals taking on contemporary animal issues such as Live Exports, Factory Farming, and the treatment of Greyhounds.  

Why we choose to support Animals Australia.

Gary Winter Landscape Design is aligned with the aims and ethics of Animals Australia. Gary believes that humans are responsible for the survival and wellbeing of all animals. Sustaining life means different things to different people and each individual and group working toward improving our planet and the life which resides upon it, is doing so in their own unique way. By supporting Animals Australia, Gary demonstrates his deep compassion for other beings.

One of the services provided by Gary Winter Design is the design and implementation of Pet Friendly gardens. Humans can create the very best environment for animals in their care by implementing a little careful planning, He provides a consultation service so that pet owners can understand what to do to make it the perfect space for their pet.

Gary has reached a point in life where he can assist people, animals and the environment as a whole. Through his design, landscaping and horticultural skills, he implements gardens that help bring as many of the above elements together as is possible.  In doing so, Gary believes that he benefits personally by applying his knowledge, skills and future learnings to his life and surroundings to live a healthier, happier, and more enriched life.

Actively supporting an important organisation like Animals Australia is an aspect of his business and personal contribution to a healthier world for all.