by Gary Winter

The Perils and Pitfalls of DIY Landscaping

By Gary Winter All of those home renovation shows encourage us to get our hands dirty. And there’s something deeply satisfying about getting the job done yourself, knowing that your ingenuity or hard yakka created the transformation. You possibly even saved a few bucks. Or thought you did. Until that day comes when you realise that you didn’t know what you needed to know… When DIY costs you more As a qualified landscape designer with twenty years of builds under my belt, ... Continue Reading

Upcycled Natural Beauty


Sometimes you have the opportunity to work on a project that really excites you creatively, and this particular Continue Reading
Dose Of Nature

A Dose of Nature

Nature is good for us. I know if I don’t get my regular fix I feel disconnected and not at all centred. My mind becomes unclear and my body will be tense. It’s not just in my head. Medical people are doing the research and applying the results. Last year Scottish doctors began to prescribe nature to patients with chronic illnesses, including mental health. A recent study at the University of Exeter showed that a two-hour weekly dose of nature is the minimum required to boost ... Continue Reading

Charlie Li – Mount Waverley

“I worked with Gary on the design construction of the landscaping package at my home.  Having Gary on board during from the early stages of the home’s Architectural design program proved to be immensely valuable. The collaborative effort between Gary and the architect yielded a more considered and impactful design- both in the home and its landscaping. Continue Reading

What does a landscape designer do?

It might seem all fancy pants, but for Gary Winter, landscape design is simply about making the most of an outdoor space for people to enjoy. He brings harmony to places by drawing up unique plans to suit people, their pets and material preferences. By observing the site, listening to clients and drawing on professional expertise, a good landscape designer transforms concepts into concrete plans that can be implemented by landscapers (and that includes the DIY landscapers out there). ... Continue Reading

What’s different about Gary Winter Landscape Design?

Gary has two decades worth of know-how in horticulture, landscape construction and design. This distinctive combo, and his finely tuned communication and problem solving skills, mean he’s well equipped to nut out theoretical and practical elements of any garden design project. Gary’s a good bloke who’s not really interested in gardens that are just for show. He’s more interested in you and your relationship to the place. He’s keen on creating spaces that align harmoniously with ... Continue Reading

Our Services

Whether you’re just after suggestions or you need someone for the whole shebang, Gary Winter is a green thumb horticulturalist with two decades of landscaping experience, plus design and construction expertise that will bring your garden to life. Continue Reading

How much is this landscaping malarkey going to cost?

The short answer is, “it depends”. Design is not an off-the shelf item, and there are different stages and levels of work. But as a starter you can book a design consult visit for $330. If you like our ideas and want to engage us for the next bit, a standard house block design plan starts around $3,850. It’s all going to come down to your property parameters and specific needs. Our transparent quoting process means you’ll understand costs upfront. We can also develop plans to meet ... Continue Reading

How do we kick things off?

We’re pretty good at reading people and situations, but we’re not yet fully qualified mind readers. So we always ask prospective clients to complete a questionnaire to tell us about your lifestyle, workplace or community needs of the space you want spruced up. If we’re going to design the dream place to suit you and your people it’s imperative that we visit the site and have a conversation with your head honchos. The design consult allows us to offer advice, exchange ideas and size ... Continue Reading

What are the stages of work with GWLD?

When you get in touch we’ll have a general conversation. Then we shoot you a client questionnaire so you can explain more about your project.You might then engage us for a Design Consult. That’s three hundred and thirty dollars well spent to have us visit for an hour, provide on-site expertise and develop a design brief and plan offerHappy days, you like our ideas and give us the thumbs up to proceed to design stage. We’ll conduct site surveys, develop a draft concept for you to review, ... Continue Reading

What’s a landscape design master plan (LDMP)?

These are the official drawings we deliver so that the design can be read and understood by the people who do the build or issue permits. Our standard LDMP is a set of four plans; the concept plan is the broad design drawn to scale; the planting plan shows where plants go; the quantities plan is the basic site coverage that helps calculate costings; and the dimensions plan has all of the site measurements. We also include landscape design specifics and construction general notes. Depending ... Continue Reading

How long does this design process take?

There are a few variables that influence the delivery timeframe. We’ll communicate these with you from the start. As a rough guide, a standard residential block takes about 3-4 weeks to design. Over the first couple of weeks we’ll conduct our site survey and present the draft concept. After your feedback we finalise the design plans and hand them over. The build stage then has its own separate time span to be negotiated with contractors. Continue Reading