Compact Zen Garden


Creating a Zen Garden for clients. 

Hypnofit (Hypnotherapy) and Myofit (Myotherapy) have their business located in Bulleen. The entrance to their consulting rooms didn’t have the right feel so we designed and installed a beautiful Zen Garden so clients can relax as soon as they walk through the front gate. 

Given the brick retaining walls were already constructed we decided to work with them instead of rebuilding them. In this instance I was able to use bamboo screens to create separate areas to induce the element of surprise. The Japanese Maples, Weeping maples and Wisteria are striking as you walk in. The groundcovers create greenery and the forest of Himalayan birches provide some upright structure and cooling effect along the sideway. The fence and gate isolate the common area from the privacy of the home and the blackboard with daily motivational captions can be seen from the waiting room. 

What a joy to Design & build! 

Garden before

Garden after