What does a landscape designer do?

It might seem all fancy pants, but for Gary Winter, landscape design is simply about making the most of an outdoor ... Continue Reading

What’s different about Gary Winter Landscape Design?

Gary has two decades worth of know-how in horticulture, landscape construction and design. This distinctive combo, ... Continue Reading

How much is this landscaping malarkey going to cost?

The short answer is, “it depends”. Design is not an off-the shelf item, and there are different stages and levels ... Continue Reading

How do we kick things off?

We’re pretty good at reading people and situations, but we’re not yet fully qualified mind readers. So we always ... Continue Reading

What are the stages of work with GWLD?

When you get in touch we’ll have a general conversation. Then we shoot you a client questionnaire so you can explain ... Continue Reading

What’s a landscape design master plan (LDMP)?

These are the official drawings we deliver so that the design can be read and understood by the people who do the bu... Continue Reading

How long does this design process take?

There are a few variables that influence the delivery timeframe. We’ll communicate these with you from the start. As ... Continue Reading

When do we start building our new garden once the design is complete?

The steps to getting started depend on the size of the project. There might be one or a team of tradespeople to enga... Continue Reading

How can the Gary Winter team support the building stage?

It’s a great joy for us to support you through the ideas stage to design and real life implementation. Gary Winter ... Continue Reading

I’ve heard landscaping is stressful. Will I be stressed?

Any transformation project can be stressful if you don’t find a landscape designer who knows their stuff, takes the ... Continue Reading