Creating garden zones


The owners of this suburban property in Heathmont, Victoria, wanted to improve the look and feel of their ‘L Shaped’ rear yard. Using a variety of plantings and features, three themes were created: A Japanese/Zen type theme, An English theme, and An Australian native theme with some edibles. 

Making the most of the outside area, a deck was added along with Himalayan Birches and a Japanese Maple in the back corner of the property to start off our Japanese feel. Next a row of Camellia’s with a mix of Gardenia’s help make up the English theme, and A raised rockery along the back fence with a swale along the side fence meeting in the corner made up the Australian Native planting. In front of this the garden has been complimented with half-wine Barrels of fruit trees as the Edibles along with Creeping White Thyme as a Herb groundcover. 

Garden before

Garden After