Landscaping Vic Master Landscaper

Quality, Pride and Professionalism.

These three values are the focus of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers (LV.) They are the reason why we are members of this important industry association.

Over the last 50 years, Landscaping Victoria has grown to be a “strong force, with a growing public profile, the capacity to add huge value for its members, and the strength to effectively influence industry trends and standards”.

It is my goal to have quality, pride and professionalism reflected in all aspects of my business. I also see value in networking with like-minded peers whose business methods align with these values.


In a rapidly growing industry, it is imperative that anyone representing the profession of landscape design and implementation is guided by strong business and personal ethics. Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers sets the benchmark for the industry through their Code of Ethics, which include:

  • Honesty and Courtesy
  • Skill and Competency
  • Integrity for work and Industry

Like the other members of LV, I believe that the interests of the community at large are best served through the observance of these ethics.  This also helps to build community confidence in the landscaping industry.

Designing for the future.

Although members could see each other as competitors, they join the association with a primary purpose of differentiating themselves in the market. The association allows us to work towards better recognition for the industry and better conditions for landscaping professionals.

I appreciate the opportunity to access valuable training and resources through LV so that Gary Winter Landscape Design stays abreast of new trends in landscape design.

Included in this, is encouragement to consider the overall environmental impact when consulting, designing and implementing projects for clients. It is imperative that we incorporate aspects of water conservation, knowledge of indigenous flora, and sustainability to not only beautify our clients’ property but to adapt to changing environmental conditions

My approach to landscape design is to emphasize the simple things in life, such as nature, wildlife, healthy food and environments, good people and positive experiences.  My designs provide for present enjoyment, while keeping the environmental future in mind. My membership with LV supports me in maintaining this focus in my business.