Pet Friendly Garden


Gardens are enjoyed by more than just the occupiers of the home – they are also an important part of the lives of any animals that share the local environment, especially any household pets. In this small backyard in Mitcham, the aim was to create a comfortable and enduring connection between people, animals and the natural environment. 

A single occupier of the residence, my client owned two small dogs who were, unfortunately, very sick. The brief involved creating an outdoor living and entertainment area – including a deck and pergola – that would also provide protection for the dogs. 

The final design combined recycled timbers, with a plant palette of edibles. In particular, the client had a love of brewed teas, so we incorporated camomile and mint as groundcovers, fruit trees were planted along the boundaries, and kiwi fruit were planted to climb over the pergola. A small BBQ Is surrounded by feature rocks which double as seating, and a bush mulch used as ground cover blends well with the gum tree in the yard 

A power point was added to the pergola area to allow the client to place warming blankets in the kennel for the sick puppies and rather than steps we built a ramp up to the back door. Sadly the puppies passed before they could see their new home, however, the new Labrador who is a foster dog whilst being trained as a ‘Seeing Eye Dog’ just loves it. 

I love doing jobs that have so much meaning! 

Garden before

Garden after