Project Implementation

We aim to be flexible with our client services to ensure you receive the most appropriate services for your specific project.

You can choose to have us take your project from the first phone call right through to completion.  You may prefer to use us for your design only. Or you can have us create the design and provide more of a support role. Whatever you choose, we are here to help and will tailor our services to assist you where we can.

Our most commonly used services are listed below:


Proven Professionals

You have your design and you’re looking forward to your project getting into action. How do you find the right professionals to undertake all the aspects of the project?

At Gary Winter Landscape Design, we help create the right team and take on the work of finding the right professional trades for your project.

Use this service for putting together tenders for your project and includes:

  • Establish a written ‘Scope of Works’ for contractors to ensure consistency in the quoting process
  • Meet with contractors on-site prior to quoting to brief them on the project where required
  • Review all incoming quotes/tenders from all contractors
  • Present client with the tenders/quotes and provide advice and direction to assist in making an informed decision when choosing the most appropriate contractor/s for the project


Design to Realisation

Use Gary Winter Landscape Design in a purely advisory role provided on a coordination / consultancy basis.

We provide knowledgeable support throughout the project process. We’re an objective sounding board, so you can be confident you are taking all the steps you need.

Our Project Coordination / Consultancy is available for any or all parts of your project including:

  1. Site meetings, emails and phone calls with/for our clients and relevant contractors.
  2. Assistance with any additional drawings and documentation required for the project
  3. Mapping out of ‘Broad-based’ programming and the general order of installation
  4. Ongoing site visits to assist with Design adherence, advice on the quality control of the elements installed, problem-solving of any issues that may have arisen, scheduling the next stages of the project and overall general project advice
  5. Advisement on material selection and product sourcing etc
  6. Discussions of technical build details with the relevant tradespeople and the client to ensure quality workmanship and successful outcomes.

Gary Winter Landscape Design is fussy about plants and knows you want the optimum result from your plantings. We offer plant supply and placement to ensure Design intent as well as other specialist materials that we can source for you.


Bringing it alive.

Gary Winter Landscape Design can manage this aspect of your project from the design to the physical building and everything that comes with it such as: taking on the contract, supplying and installing all materials arranging Building Permits and Approvals if required.