Eco Friendly Small Garden


Selecting the right materials can transform the character of a garden, especially in a new home. 


With limited garden at the front of the home, this client wanted to create an environment for relaxing and entertaining which meant it all had to happen in the backyard.

At the centre of the garden is a large entertainment deck, extended out at the same floor level as the home to create that highly sought-after indoor-outdoor feel. Keeping an organic feel to the landscape design, we used a combination of natural stone pavers, railway sleepers and loose toppings to create freeform pathways down the side of the house, providing a rustic feel and reducing heavy construction costs. These materials were mirrored in the seating, using a combination of recycled timbers and masonry to create guest seating in the garden. Raised vegetable beds provide a regular harvest for the family, and a water tank makes use of water run-off to irrigate plants and wash the deck.


“I would highly recommend Gary for your next project as he is passionate about what he does & has the ability to put the client at ease with his expert knowledge in his field.”

Eco Friendly Small Garden


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