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Sometimes you have the opportunity to work on a project that really excites you creatively, and this particular project was a marvellous opportunity to design the type of landscape that I personally enjoy. 


I was approached by a client who had recently relocated to Woodend, and was looking for someone to landscape the gardens surrounding their home on their five-acre property. With an open brief (a rarity, but a wonderful opportunity) I set about creating an environment which would draw on the natural beauty of the location. 

Clearly it was a country environment, so I put in a kitchen garden behind the house using the already built sleeper walls and paved area. With the remaining area a blank canvas, I installed a fully functional creek bed and pond, raised garden beds and meandering paths with a dry creek bed on the other side of the drive to complement the creek and direct water to the paddocks. 

I love working with reclaimed materials, and this particular landscape provided a generous collection of landscape materials to work with. Old fallen trees from the rear of the property were used to line the sides of the pathways and also cut up and used for steppers around the pond, burnt logs were stood upright in the garden beds to compliment the grass trees. 

A large table top piece of timber acted as a bridge and recycled timbers that belonged to the old Rosebud Jetty were used as a focal point at the head of the drive where the bluestone pitchers began to line the side of the driveway. 

This garden holds a special place in my heart, and thankfully the client feels the same way. 


“I have waited over a year to write to you and to thank you for the amazing transformation you and your team have done to our garden. You envisioned a concept and true to your expertise, our garden has blossomed as you foresaw.

The 70’s style garden which we had has been transformed into an informal lovely bush garden, which was exactly what we asked for. You had the imagination to use natural materials which were strewn naturally on the land and to use that as part of the landscape, making the garden ‘blend’ into the natural surrounding landscape. Living on 4 acres in the Black Forest, you have attracted wild birds to the area and the colours and smells that surround the house is delightful.

Roy & Julie

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