Peace of Mind

Regulating for a quality-built environment in Victoria

Clients need to be confident when they hand their property over to professionals for any construction work. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) was created as a way to establish standards in quality and service and to regulate the activities of professionals within the industry. Their vision for the building industry is to create:

  • A trusted regulator
  • A respected industry
  • An informed community.

The VBA believes it can achieve this vision through the following strategic objectives:

  • Protect our community
  • Empower industry, practitioners and consumers
  • Respond to risks and concerns
  • Influence industry and key decision-makers
  • Improve our culture and capability

Peace of mind.

Landscapers are required by law to register with VBA to install retaining walls, decking, paving etc for all projects $10,000 and above. Gary Winter Landscape Design’s registration number with VBA is DB-L 38072. Gary believes that achieving recognition of the authority fosters clients’ trust in our professionalism and qualifications.

With a landscaping career spanning over two decades, Gary brings knowledge and expertise in all areas of landscape design, construction and project management. Clients have the peace of mind that their landscape design is created on a sound base of knowledge as well as Gary’s creativity and imagination.

Gary Winter believes in working alongside clients, listening carefully to their desired outcomes, their concerns and their expectation for their project. He provides guidance on environmental factors that may impact on their desired goals along with solutions that provide an excellent result. He applies his knowledge to provide clients a level of protection from environmental factors that could adversely impact their property.

Dealing with the red tape.  

As a Registered Building Practitioner, Gary understands the legal processes and procedures that must be met by any structural changes made to any property. He is able to communicate with local government agencies with confidence and is respected by them as a Building Practitioner. By foreseeing problems that can impede or impact the progress of a landscaping project, Gary saves clients time, effort and worry. His association with VBA tells them they are in in good hands.